Benefits of Hair Transplants!


If you are thinking of having a hair transplant procedure, we are here to talk about all the good things this confidence booster can do for you! Hair loss affects more than 100 million Americans every year. Nearly 85% of men experience thinning hair by age 50,  and more than 50% of women also report noticeable hair loss after age 45.

Through the years we have been in business, we have gathered information from our patients. Getting an FUE hair transplant,  especially with us at American Mane can bring so many good things to your life. 

The first issue and benefit of a hair transplant are they eliminate baldness. A hair transplant eliminates your hair-related issues. (FUE) offers a way to regrow a fuller head of hair with natural-looking results. You won’t have to worry about your bald spots anymore.

The improvement of your self-esteem! Losing your hair can have serious and negative effects on your self-confidence. Blad people tend to feel more self-conscious about the way they look. Hair loss may make you feel a sense of loss, lack of confidence, and experience a lowered self-esteem also triggers anxiety, depression, and other emotional conditions.

Natural Hairline is our goal! Your hairline is the frame of your face this is why hair restoration should be unnoticeable and very natural. You can expect long-lasting results and a common head full of hair that you can show off.

Cost-effective surgery. These surgeries are worth saving for. Over time, the costs of temporary hair solutions will become greater than a single hair transplant procedure and you will never get satisfied.  At American Mane, we charged a very accessible price since we do not charge per graft.  If you want a long-term, cost-effective, and more permanent solution to your hair loss, consider having a hair transplant.

Thick hair is very notorious.  A hair transplant thickens the hair volume on balding or thinning sections of your scalp because the precise harvesting method means less trauma to your hair follicles during the harvesting process and more healthy hair as you recover.


                                                                                                                                                                          This is why we opened our clinic in the United States. At American Mane Hair Restoration Center, we are proud to offer FUE hair transplant options for men and women seeking a solution to hair loss that is minimally invasive and produces natural-looking results. We provide high-quality hair restorations at accessible prices. While other clinics will use different techniques and limited staff, American Mane works with a large team that is highly trained at the top facilities in the US and worldwide. No one else in the United States can compete with our results, prices, and service.

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